Copper mining in Chile - driver of the Chilean economy?

Seminar “Minería en Chile: Desafíos desde la perspectiva regional”

On monday, december 10, the seminar “Minería en Chile: Desafíos desde la perspectiva regional” was organizated by the researchers at COFORCE and COCHILCO. For this event, Juan Pedro Eberhard (professor at UAI), Nicolás Garrido (professor at UDP), Loreto Bieritz (researcher at GWS) and Jorge Cantallopts (COCHILCO) presented their reserchears about the main challenges for the mining in the nexts decades.

This activity was sponsored by BMBF-CONICYT in the line of the project ”Development of Sustainable Mining Strategies in Chile with a Regionalized National Model”.

Workshop: “International Workshop on General Equilibrium Modeling”

On december 4 and 5, the “International Workshop on General Equilibrium Modeling” was organizated, event in which researchers at Centro de Economía y Política Regional (CEPR-UAI), Universidad Diego Portales (UDP), Núcleo de Economía Regional e Urbana (NEREUS - Universidad de Sao Paoulo) and researchers at Institute of Economic Structures Research (GWS) made presentations about theirs researchers on the development of input-ouptput models and general equilibrium models for Chile.

Researchers of the BMBF project present results in the 26th International Input-Output Conference (June 25-29, Brazil, Juiz de Fora)

At the “26th International Input-Output Conference” held in Brazil between June 25 and 29, Patricio Aroca, Anke Mönnig, Nicolás Garrido and Esteban López presented part of the results of the COFORCE project research. This conference discussed the main results of the model at the national level and the challenges for the regionalization of the model.

Look at the presentations here:

First results of the Input-Output-based model COFORCE

During the I-O-workshop from 15th to 16th March 2018 in Bremen, Loreto Bieritz presented the first results of the project Development of Sustainable Mining Strategies in Chile with a Regionalized National Model (BMBF FKZ: 01DN16030), which analyses copper mining in Chile in its relevance for the Chilean economy. In her presentation, Ms Bieritz gave a brief introduction to the COFORCE model and illustrated production, employment, value added and productivity in each economic sector in its present and future development. On the basis of a detailed analysis of the Chilean mining sector, she explained that copper mining plays a key role and what are the advantages and disadvantages for the Chilean economy.

The presentation can be downloaded here